Thibaut of “Best Pastry Chef” is a fan of “sustainable pastries”

Thibaut is a fan of sustainable baked goods, he confides.

By chance, while preparing a New Year’s meal with friends, Thibaut discovered that he might have a gift for baking. “It was always my sister who baked the cakes,” she confides. And I took the pastries she made for the evenings. But that year I thought, “Come on, I’ll give it a try!” And I made a protocol. My very first. »That evening, all the guests raved about this vanilla and raspberry miracle. “I remember very well, nobody believed me when I said it was me, that he did it! “, he laughs. “Since then I have never stopped! »

Two years later, it was no longer his friends, but renowned chefs that this 24-year-old from Montpellier, a boxer and a black belt in judo, had to seduce: Thibaut is one of the candidates for the 12th season of “Best pastry chef”, on the M6. Just a few months ago, wearing the apron of this very popular competition was not in the young man’s plans. He preferred to bake in his kitchen, improve in his own way, recipes collected here and there, or devour videos from cooking masterclasses on the Internet. “But of course, when you make small pastries, people always say to you: ‘You should be the best pastry chef!'” the young man smiles. cook very quickly while I enjoyed spending time in my kitchen…”

“If we’re just eating out of obligation, it’s still not great! »

But last year, when he had just successfully completed his master’s degree in nutrition at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Montpellier, Thibaut received a special message on Instagram from the team that produces “The Best Patisserie”, who offered him to participate in the casting show. It was the photos of the cakes that the Montpellier native posted on his profile that made the casters’ mouths water. “I was looking for a job, I didn’t have anything specific to do… I said ‘Why not!’ I said it’s now or never,” he says. And even though he expected to be eliminated quickly, the young man passed the pre-selection and joined to the amateur team for the 12th season.

It must be said that his profile is attractive at a time when pastries are making a resurgence: he is a nutritionist. But there is no doubt that the young man would forego leniency in his preparations. “When you study nutrition, you also learn that food should be a pleasure,” confides Thibaut. Good nutrition is not just about eating no fat, no sugar, vegetables, etc. You also have to be able to have fun. Of course, the pastry must remain exceptional. But it is necessary! If you’re only eating out of obligation, it’s not great anyway…” That’s why Thibaut has no intention of eliminating sugar or butter from these recipes. It’s all about balance, he notes. “In any case, you have to reduce the amount of sugar for taste reasons, because it tends to neutralize bitterness, acids, etc. And most store-bought pastries are too sweet. »

Thibaut is a fan of sustainable baked goods, he confides. – Marie ETCHEGOYEN/M6

“There are little tips” to reduce sugar and butter

To keep his hands on sugar less, without affecting the deliciousness of his recipes, Thibaut uses dark chocolate or prepares fruit concentrates. And it’s the same with fat. “I often use lemon cream as an example,” continues the confectioner. To hold the cream, add butter. Often 200 to 250 grams of butter, per 200 grams of lemon. It’s almost a whole plate. But to avoid butter, you can add a little pectin or gelatin. There are a lot of little tips like that. And often dessert is better because it’s easier. And it has fewer calories! » Thibault is therefore for “gourmet but sensible pastries”. “We use sugar and butter in reasonable amounts. And if possible, we try to find alternatives. And if we can’t, well, too bad, because the taste has to be there. Dessert must be delicious. »

For Thibaut, the challenge is specific to “Best Pastry Chef”: Manon, the winner of last year’s competition, is a student of dietetics and a fan of “healthy” pastries. Oh yes, and Manon is… Montpellier. Like Thibaut. Will the youngster manage to bring Hérault a second trophy?

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