The latest innovation in sports and fitness: Holistic Training Syllabus from MAVERICKS Life Co.

MAVERICKS Life Co.  presents: Holistic training for sports and fitness

CRANS-MONTANA, Switzerland, September 21, 2023 /CNW/ — MAVERICKS Life Co., a sports science and wellness education company, announces the release of its new holistic training syllabus rooted in evolutionary biology and epigenetic theory. It is a brand new innovation in the sports and fitness sector.

Recent scientific studies* have led to groundbreaking developments that are revolutionizing the world of sports, health and fitness, rooted in our genetic heritage. They reveal a troubling reality: in an overly complex world, we suffer from what experts in evolutionary medicine call “misfit diseases”—an accumulation over time as our bodies struggle to cope with modern conditions, resulting in physical pain, mental health problems, obesity and other health problems. Harvard professor of paleontology, Dr. Daniel Liebermanexplains: “The basic answer to why so many people now develop previously rare diseases is that many physical traits were adapted in the environment we evolved from but were not adapted in the modern environment we have now created.”*

But there is no need to return to a primitive lifestyle, he reveals Jessica Christensen, the visionary founder and CEO of MAVERICKS Life Co. and Holistic Sports Science Education Specialist. MAVERICKS Life Co., drawing on 15 years of work on the development of innovative training frameworks, presents an innovative training concept that addresses the shortcomings of modern people’s lifestyles: a holistic approach to sports and an active lifestyle.

This holistic training concept incorporates the last 15 years of international scientific research in various faculties of health and sport sciences, designed to address a wide range of modern maladaptations and mitigate the effects of overtraining through a hands-on approach. MAVERICKS’ Holistic Training Syllabus is a training system designed for all levels – from recreational participation to CE/CPD trainer courses – that seamlessly integrates into our existing sports practice to improve fitness and performance through a whole body training strategy and address issues such as “mismatch disease”.

“We now offer access to our free education, so everyone can benefit from this specially designed approach to training. Holistic training is valuable for all bodies and exercise styles, from the person who is overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start, to the athlete.” and sports professionals.”Jessica Christensen.

HOLISTIC TRAINING is a mind, body and environment training approach that combines skill development and physical performance. It is a powerful training strategy that combines sports science, evolutionary biology, epigenetic theory*** and environmental science for a comprehensive training approach that unlocks human skill and well-being across the spectrum of ability and diversity in sport. It is reshaping the way we perceive health, fitness and optimal performance.


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