Community physicians in Ontario now have access to digital drug information through their electronic medical records

Community physicians in Ontario now have access to digital drug information through their electronic medical records

TORONTO, September 19, 2023 /CNW/ – Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) has been successfully deployed with more than 6,000 physicians across all Ontario who use OMD-certified electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

These physicians now have secure, real-time technical access from their EMRs to comprehensive drug information for patients covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program and the Narcotics Monitoring System. Another 7,000 physicians expressed interest in adopting the same solution within their EMR.

Developed by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Health Services, DHDR consolidates medical data, providing doctors with the drug information they need to care for their patients, while improving patient safety and creating more efficient health care practices.

The collaboration to deploy DHDR represents a significant milestone in advancing patient care through innovative digital health solutions. In just 10 months from August 2022 on June 2023, OntarioMD (OMD) worked with EMR vendors and the Ministry of Health through Ontario Health to provide clinicians with access to the DHDR integrated into the EMR. This is the fastest large-scale deployment of a digital health tool for clinicians Canada.

Key features and benefits of DHDR include:

  1. Medication history: Clinicians have a centralized view of patients’ drug history, including dispensed drugs covered by the ODB program, dispensed narcotics and controlled drugs recorded in the provincial narcotics monitoring system, pharmacy services, information on COVID-19 vaccinations from the provincial COVAxON vaccination management system and vaccinations against flu shots administered in pharmacies. This information enables physicians to make more informed decisions, leading to improved patient outcomes.
  2. Patient Safety and Medication Management: Data storage and real-time updates help doctors manage patients’ medications and inform prescribing to avoid potential drug interactions, significantly reducing the risk of adverse events.
  3. Seamless integration with EMR workflows: Designed with the user experience in mind, DHDR integrates seamlessly with OMD-certified physician EMR systems. This integration optimizes workflow efficiency and allows doctors to focus more on patient care.
  4. Improved interoperability: The repository complies with industry standards for data exchange and interoperability, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration between different healthcare providers. This interoperable feature improves continuity of care and patient-centered collaboration.
  5. Privacy and Security Commitment: OntarioMD and Ontario Health prioritize patient privacy and data security. DHDR adheres to strict privacy regulations and security standards and ensures the protection of patients’ sensitive medical information.

Robert FoxCEO of OntarioMD, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating, “The successful deployment of the Digital Health Medicine Repository is a testament to our commitment to using technology to optimize physician practice. Ontario’s community physicians with this invaluable resource that will improve patient outcomes.”

The deployment of DHDR was well received Ontario doctors. Its potential to transform medication management and enhance patient care underscores the positive impact of collaborative efforts in the healthcare system.

OntarioMD and Ontario Health will continue to work together to drive digital health innovation that will drive positive change Ontario’s healthcare landscape.

About OntarioMD: OntarioMD is a leader in advancing healthcare through digital innovation. The organization works with physicians and healthcare stakeholders to develop and deploy digital healthcare solutions that improve patient care and practice efficiency. OntarioMD is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association. It receives funding from the province Ontario support family doctors, specialists, nurse practitioners and their staff to adopt and effectively use digital health technologies to care for their patients.

OntarioMD is a 100% subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association and receives funding from the province. The views expressed in this publication are those of OntarioMD and do not necessarily reflect those of the province.

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